Enduro | 6 routes

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Sign posted with blackboards and white arrows, start at the trailhead and follow the signs to the top of the mountain.   We have 6 Enduro lines available that run down the same side of the mountain and are numbered in sequence. There are two main climbs taking you back to the top of the mountain, decide on any sequence of lines you want to do as the navigation is easy with the marked trails. Once you had enough, follow the red signs marked “Back Home” to get back to the Trailhead.

Mountain bike and trail running 

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Enduro Line 1 on Trailforks.com
Enduro Line 2 on Trailforks.com
Enduro Line 3 on Trailforks.com
Enduro Line 4 on Trailforks.com
Enduro Line 5 on Trailforks.com
Enduro Line 6 on Trailforks.com

Trading Hours

Mondays and Tuesdays closed for day visitors. 

Wednesday to Friday 08h00 - 17h00

Saturday to Sunday 06h30 - 17h00 

Public holidays 06h00 - 17h00
Park open 24/7 to Annual Board holders.


Buffelsdrift AH -25.586866, 28.325045

0130 Pretoria, South Africa

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