BuFfuni | 85km

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The Buffuni trail is our endurance route, covering 85% of the combined Nguni and Buffel trails. This route is not for the faint-hearted and should not be attempted unless you are capable of a 5hr + ride on challenging terrain. The trail includes all 4 major climbs: “Kwagga”; “Concrete hill”; “Spook bult” ; “Okkies ” as well as all the steep ascents on the Nguni trail. The technical sections include Rocks2Crocks; Buffel View; Maniyak/ A-line; Njala Drop and Supertube! Prepare to suffer!

Mountain bike and trail running 

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Monday to Friday 07h30 - 16h00

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Buffelsdrift AH -25.586866, 28.325045

0130 Pretoria, South Africa

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