BuFfEL | 50km

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The Buffel route is our flagship route, covering all our trails along with the mountain range in the park, it starts out tough but gives some easier miles in the third quarter of the route along the canal and river trails. The route should not get judged by the distance as it is slow going and takes the average rider 3 to 4 hours to complete. The trail has 4 major climbs: “Kwagga climb”; “Concrete hill”; “Spook bult” and then “Ockies climb”. All of the downhills are fun but still for the more seasoned mountain biker, if you are in doubts rather opt for one of our easier routes. Downhills featured: Rocks2Crocks; Buffel View; Maiyak/ A-line; Njala Drop and Supertube! Enjoy!

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Buffelsdrift AH -25.586866, 28.325045

0130 Pretoria, South Africa

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